Unrivalled Maronesa Grills

With a simple and delicate aroma, the "flavour" is exceptional in terms of its unique smell and taste. The difference to common veal is immediately noticeable when compared to its succulence, consistency and amounts of juices produced from its preparation and sampling.
Dedicated to making the best Trás-os-Montes and Douro Products widely known and recognising the top quality of this breed, since 1999 we have been partners with the Maronesa Breeders Association of wich we are official representatives.
In that way customers can trust that the veal served at the Restaurante Grill O Costa, whether in Vila Real or in the various gastronomy fairs that we take part in is always Maronesa DOP.


Alheira (cured sausage) with Maronesa Veal.

A traditional speciality Portuguese cured sausage from the Tás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Upper Douro) region, Alheira will whet the appetite of the connoisseurs of fine cuisine.
Home-made bread is a fundamental ingredient, as is olive oil, garlic and quality meats.
Our Alheira stands out precisely for the meat used in its preparation, predominantly Maronesa DOP veal (Protected Destination of Origin).
Alheria with Maronesa veal is an exclusive recipe to this restaurant, having been created by its owner, Mr. Joaquim Costa,who with strict dedication and work invented this much appreciated delicacy both on the premises and further afield.
As a starter or main dish (with garnish),Alheira with Maronesa Veal is always an ecellent choice.
Vacuum packed,Alheiras do Costa may be purchased at the restaurant to be eaten at home.